Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes

I was bored last afternoon and decided to experiment with some hi-key shots. I used the tomatoes as I felt the vibrant red would really stand out against a white background. In order to add another layer of interest to the photographed, I dripped water on tomatoes with the hope of getting a different reflection of the light. Read on to find out more on how I lit this image.

I used two foam core boards as part of my lighting setup for this image. One was used as the background and I placed the tomatoes on a piece of glass which was resting on the second. The glass was used to create shadows of the tomatoes (again, to add another layer of interest). The shadows are subtle as I zoomed in very close to the subject. They would have been more pronounced if I had zoomed out a bit more and more f the glass was included in the frame.

Lighting the images was pretty straight forward. I used one flash which I fired at a piece of white A4 paper on the right side of the camera, close to the lens. The flash was pointing towards the camera and set to fire at 1/64th. I used the piece of paper to soften the light and to bounce it onto the foam core board placed behind the subject.

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