Tuesday, February 22, 2011

17/52 - The Juice

The Juice
The Juice

Trying to get my hands on eight batteries which are not flat is a bit of a challenge at my place. Its a bit annoying having to run around looking for them when I'm trying to take shots every week. To get around this, I bought a box of about 30 a few days ago and decided to use some of them for this weeks shot. It was a two light setup again.

Lighting info inside.

Setup - The Juice
Setup - The Juice

I fired the 580 EX II at 1/64th into a reflective umbrella to create the base light. I used a full CTO gel to warm up the light a bit.

The 480 EX II was used as the key light. It was fired from camera right, behind the subject. I used a CTB gel on this light to cool the key light.

I wanted a few of the batteries to be out of focus so I used an aperture of f4. I had to walk the lights down a bit to balance the exposure. 

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